Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

The Vision

The vision of the Pulchowk Campus is to be a premier engineering education institution at par with world-class role models.


The Mission

The Mission of Pulchowk Campus is to provide quality engineering education and research in the frontier engineering areas relevant primarily to the nation.



Pulchowk Campus has the following goals with measurable outcomes in the areas of research, educational, and resource excellence:

Goal # 1:   Enhance Academic Excellence

Goal # 2:   Research and Development Think-Tank

Goal # 3:   Improved Working Environment

Goal # 4:   Financial Sustainability

Goal # 5:   Collaboration and Cooperation



Following are the objectives of Pulchowk Campus:

  • Academic Programs: Through enhanced academic programs on education, research works, training programs, exam and evaluation, develop new knowledge at the forefront of engineering and technology that enhances the wellbeing of individuals and society
  • Advocacy on Engineering Policies: Through advocacy on engineering policies, develop leadership in emerging engineering issues and address national development issues
  • Rules and Regulations: Through the compulsory implementation of rules and regulations, enhance management and leadership skills of faculty, staffs and students, make optimum use of resources and infrastructures
  • Resource Planning: Through the resource planning and fund management obtain financial sustainability of the campus
  • Technology Transfer: Through the international collaboration and joint programs, enhance mechanisms for technology transfer and capacity building