Rules and Regulations

Following are the rules and regulations to access library resources.

  • Library membership card/Identity card is required to access the library resources
  • Personnel belonging of users should be left inside the entrance corner of the library
  • Identity card or Library membership card is not transferable
  • In case of loss of Identity Card, duplicate Card could be made for accessing the library
  • Users are requested to replace new book for any damage or loss of books if it is not available in the market then he/she should pay 2 times of price or double price of such book.
  • Those who tear out the pages from the book or other resources will have to pay a fine and the fine will be decided by the librarian.
  • Using Mobile phones and audio instruments is strictly prohibited. Food, drink and smoking are not allowed in the library.
  • It is the duty of all of us to protect and preserve library materials