Pulchowk Campus of IOE is the topmost and  history of engineering education in Nepal. There are three other constituent  campuses and ten affiliated engineering colleges of TU. However, Pulchowk  campus has unique and globally recognized image in the engineering field. Pulchowk  campus is not only offering B.E. programs but also conducting M.Sc. in engineering  on various disciplines as well as Ph.D. programs also. Every year IOE conducts  an entrance examination for Bachelor of Engineering B.E. and M.Sc. programs.  Eligible students from all over the world, aspiring to study engineering appear  for this exam and only the students in merit basis get the chance to study in  Pulchowk Campus.
Over the past few years the toughest competition in  entrance exam is among the students to get enroll into Pulchowk Campus.  Students studying in the Pulchowk Campus are considered to be very competitive.  Engineers, who have studied there, are performing well in their respective  areas as well as their performance in further study is also outstanding.