Department of Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Department at Pulchowk Campus of Institute of Engineering (IOE) is performing its role as a major constituents of the institute since its establishment in 1972 and is devoted to production of technicians and engineering capable of meeting the national aspirations for accelerated development of a country.

Its objectives are:

  • To produce engineering manpower needed for meeting the national goals and aspirations
  • To perform various research and development works so as to strength the national engineering capabilities and solve engineering problems
  • To offer various types of trainings, sponsored courses, conducting problem oriented research and providing engineering consulting services.

Since 1994 Bachelor’s degree has been started with technical and financial assistance of World Bank, Swiss Association for Development and Corporation (SDC), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The Research Training and Consultancy Unit (RTCU) of the departmenthas been offering its services since establishment. It has undertaken and completed a lot of consultancy assignments primarily in the area of electrical system design for various buildings, power distribution networks as well as various research oriented projects. Also, based on the need of different user groups, the department has been conducting many short term training programs from time to time.

Courses offered

  • BE in Electrical Engineering
  • Sc. in power system Engineering

Physical Facilities

The department has 8 major laboratories and workshops. They are well equipped in regional context. Most of the laboratories are equipped with computer facilities and are adequate for the purposes of rendering research, training, consultancy and manufacturing oriented services in the wide ranging areas of electrical engineering.

  • Circuit Laboratory
  • Repair and maintenance workshop
  • Instillation workshop
  • Computer laboratories and networking facilities
  • Instrumentation and Control Laboratory
  • Switchgear and Hydropower Laboratory
  • Power electronics and machines Laboratory

Training and Consultancy experience:

Some completed training course by the Departments are-

  1. Small hydropower station operation training for small hydro department, NEA
  2. Basic electrical and power plants operation training for NEA training Centre.
  3. Training on Load controller for small hydro generator, joint venture with ADB/N.
  4. Resettlement training courses on “Electrical wiring installation and domestic appliances repair and maintenance” (for 3 years- 7 year training groups per year) for British Gurkhas.
  5. Signal Young Officer’s course for Royal Nepal Army.

Consultancy and training that can be offered by department:

  1. Electricity system design for commercial complexes and industries.
  2. Electrical power distribution, planning, design and operating performance analysis and improvements.
  3. Power station and sub-station design.
  4. Transmission system design.
  5. ELC & ICG for micro/small hydro power plants.
  6. Micro/small hydro planning and design.
  7. Environmental impact assessment analysis for power generation, transmission and distribution network.
  8. Feasibility and detail study of electrical power system.
  9. Energy management and auditing.
  10. Earth resistance test and measurement of earth’s resistivity.
  11. Rural electrification design.
  12. Earthing and lighting protection system design.
  13. Transformers and induction motor designs.
  14. Switchgear design and installation.
  15. Short- term and long- term training courses in electrical engineering.
  16. Refresher courses for employees in power sectors and industries.
  17. Workshop and seminars in various fields of electrical engineering.
  18. Miscellaneous electrical maintenance work.
  19. Computer software and hardware training.

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