The Limelight 2016

Title : The Limelight 2016
Volume: 7th
Department: Mix
Published Year: 2016AD

Publication: Engineering Students’ Group of Bhaktapur (ESGB), Pulchowk Campus, IOE

“The Limelight 2016” is a technical journal published by Engineering Students’ Group of Bhaktapur (ESGB), Pulchowk Campus. The journal encompasses research paper, technical articles and review articles from experts in various engineering fields.

LOCUS 2016

LOCUS is a student-run organization that organizes national technological festival (a three-day exhibition) every year at IOE, Central Campus. The event is a collaboration of students of Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering. Following the trend, this year LOCUS 2016 is organizing the 13th National Technological Festival on the 17th, 18th and 19th of Asaar.

The exhibition is targeted towards enhancing the quality of software, hardware and electrical projects and providing a platform for tech enthusiasts to showcase their ideas. It is a free event with no entry charge. Our aim is to engage the students in technology related activities througout the year and keep the dicusssion and presentation of new ideas going all year…

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IoE Robocon 2016

Institute of Engineering (IoE) has been organizing different ROBOTICS events in the past. National Robotic Competitions (Robocup Nepal, 7 times on different theme), workshop on Robotics and Automation were the few events that were helpful to the Robotics enthusiasts.

his year Center for Applied Research and Development (CARD) of Institute of Engineering (IoE) is teaming up with Robotics Club, Pulchowk Campus to organize a National Robotics Competition. This year the theme for Robotic Contest will be “JOURNEY TO MUSTANG”. The contest shall take place between the undergraduate students of college/university/polytechnic of the nation. The contest will be held in June, 2016.