Alumni Tracer Study

Dear Graduates,

Pulchowk Campus is establishing a system for tracing our graduates and keeping records on their work status, further studies, and various activities that they have been involved in after their graduation. In addition, the campus is interested in getting comments and feedback from our graduates which will be taken into account as sincere advice and inputs for better future planning and provide further educational needs to enhance the quality education being offered by the campus. The results of this tracer study will only be presented in summary form and individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. We would, therefore, highly appreciate you for completing the following questionnaire at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and support.

Please click the link below to fill the form.

The current Executive members are:
Coordinator:                      Arbin Maharjan (Assistant Professor)
Advisor:                              Prof. Dr. Laxman Poudel
Advisor:                              Shiva Krishna Duwa
Member:                            Dr. Arun Kumar Timalsina (Associate Professor)
Member:                            Dr. Ajay Kumar Jha (Associate Professor)
Member:                            Daya Sagar Baral (Assistant Professor)
Member:                            Sushant Chalise
Member Secretary:          Suresh G.C